My 70 Satellite


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I wanted to build a Road Trippin car for me and my son to bomb across the states, it needed to be some American Muscle forced together with a Diesel -Lots of pics to come, but here are some of the beginning and some yesterday. From Toronto to Miami 6000k later on $300 in Fuel

Dodge Chargers

This has been the winter of non stop 68, 69, 70, B body Dodge Chargers, one after another. The learning curve has been steep on these cars -a few things we learned about them after cutting them apart and welding them back together -If it had any kind of horsepower, it’s probably bent -it probably left the factory “good enough” even the roof dimensions on either side are different -and no wonder they went through so many of these cars in the movies, there is nothing to them -probably a high impact with a shopping buggy would bend it. 😂 And they are huge cars at 18′ long. But when all back together they look AWESOME even with miss matching panels in a “Joe Dirt” style -looking forward to the new “ratty muscle car” era! Lots of more pictures to come.

The 54

Is now off to interior! Road tests are fun, shaking the bugs out, adjusting everything and chasing down rattles -power window kits rattle like crazy! Off to the Garage for an alignment then I had Steve drive it over to interior. Can anyone guess what this little clip does,..

Dave’s is now a 3 window

I had the shop to myself today, so I tuned in the 80’s station, got all jacked up on coffee and planned out where the cuts would happen then went to work. Nice thing about this chop is there is extra metal in the roof so no filler pieces are required. Just a ton of welding to do, then start mocking up the trunk lid location.









We need a trip to Vegas!

So the 55 Ford we built has been doing pretty good -good enough to be recognized by Meguiar’s Car Crazy Contest, they take the best cars from 4 Canadian shows and put them online for you to vote on –the winner gets to go to the SEMA show in Vegas with the vehicle –not bad I’d say –Now comes the pressure, I need you to vote for the vehicle, you’ll have to register first –please vote, thanks!