Took in another Rescue today

This happens every so often, I get a call from a person complaining about work being done -or not, etc. sometimes I can help them with just advice, sometimes I say “get it out of there” -your in good hands now Travis



Dave’s 35 3 Window

Some progress on the sedan turned coupe, had to make some artistic liberties with the sides of the roof where it meets the door, as I want to keep to super cool way the 35 door windows open -more pics soon…






Dave’s is now a 3 window

I had the shop to myself today, so I tuned in the 80′s station, got all jacked up on coffee and planned out where the cuts would happen then went to work. Nice thing about this chop is there is extra metal in the roof so no filler pieces are required. Just a ton of welding to do, then start mocking up the trunk lid location.









Dave’s 35 -A 3 Window Wanna Be

If you can’t find a 3 window you build one… all the curves are there, we just need to relocate them and might as well chop it while we’re at it, 5″ out 8″ remain. I’m jealous how this car has come together so easy, a part from here, a part from there -Boom, a complete driveline; I think sometimes cars want to get back on the road.

George’s Truck

It’s starting to take shape, not to much more to go before we come to the crossroad -put the wiring, liquids, etc in it for a test drive or rip it apart, sandblast and paint.


Still some cool old Flatty’s out there, the 59B is slated for my 39 Mercury, But I’m torn on the V8-60 -this is the coolest engine I’ve had in a while, it must have came from a vintage hydroplane, looking at old pics they seem the same with all the same speed equipment and mods -I wanted to use the 60 in a roadster pickup, but I think it should go back into a vintage Hydroplane…

Bruce’s T is Gone…

Jobs done, now he has a car that he can put his own character into -all the hard parts and large items are located -I refer to this style of built as a 75%’er, for me this kind of build works best and the customer gets to be involved. This is the second car I’ve built for Bruce but he’s not done yet, when picking this one up he dropped off another…

Early Econoline Disc Brakes!

Once upon a time I had a fast Econoline -and because of the OG drums I was running I would just plan my stops accordingly, every so often I would coast through or into an intersection while pulling up on the steering wheel, then one day BAM -I hit the backside of a Neon. When I looked around no one was making any kits, so I made my own, it’s a little cross pollination with some Japanese parts, but they came together amazingly smooth. I can hook you up with all the parts, or just the brackets. If your pushing the limits of physics with pushing your brick through the wind with giant HP, you should be able to stop just as fast.

Is it Worth it….

I’ve built a lot of cars, but old GM’s are the worst, once the wood is gone your left with a bunch of floppy panels. I’m thinking of making the doors part of it -weld it shut and keep it low enough so you can just hop over the doors, but how do you slam a car and keep the fenders that low off the ground? 13″ 100 spoke wires! Maybe an SR20 motor… the seating area is huge and it has a rumble seat! -lots of room to splay out, I know it could be cool, but at what cost to my brain…


Laser grills

As you may remember the 56 Cadillac has a square interlocking grill, since we’re using the Caddy bumper on the Pontiac /Chevy and the customer didn’t want to run the original grill we decided to make one similar to the Caddy. Painted black and a polished edge will look good in the Pontillac





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