Jim’s Louvers

We had punched some louvers in Jim’s extra hood, then after paint he sent us some shots of how it turned out -looks like they belong there 

Blimey! More Engilsh Stuff

 I can’t shake English cars, I need one around just to remind me why I don’t work on them, most of us have probably had one and know all the Lucas jokes, and yes some were better than others. I’ve found the best way to make English cars reliable when pats aren’t available any more is to remove the “English”.  I’m working with a couple of guys here in Toronto to get their Austin Princess wedding coaches more up to date/ reliable -new wiring, disc brake conversions (the original is twin leading shoe with manual pedal in a 2.5ton car) Chevy 6cyl engines, AC, etc Lots of work to get these beauties up to snuff -not impossible just lots of love required -and Guinness!

Holy busy summer –a small update

It’s been nuts around the shop since the warmish like weather has decided to try to come out. It’s the season for everyone up here to finally get there cars on the road. But for some reason it also gets the creative juices flowing in people and the new projects that are knocking on the door are crazy awesome. I have loads of photos to get up from the past months, including a set of fenders for the HemiRoid so the “Man” would leave it alone –do they suit it? Don’t know –you be the judge. 

We’re not doing any shows this year, nut we are working on some cool stuff for us finally –the shop is getting the much over due facelift and the Army post apocalyptic Zombie killing shop truck project is underway. I was at a garage sale and bought a giant collection of rod magazines from the late 60’s /early 70’s (my favorite time period for rods) wacky stuff –I’d like to make a discussion area about some of the stuff they’ve done. Even the ad’s are cool –has anyone got some Hai Karate aftershave? What’s it like?

The latest in Bootch development

March 21st

So Performance World has come and gone, we had time to chill out take a deep breath and relax, get everything back to normal.  –NOW back to work! The Bootch is all together but far from done, loads of little things to get sorted from taillights, inside door handles, inside door skins, floor cover plates, engine acc, rework the sliding roof, wipers, straighten out the louvers, modify the fender brackets(I think I can get it lower in the front still), find some bigger headlights, finish welding/ grinding the frame, more engine turning, etc etc –then it’s off to paint prep! We want to be driving this car around this summer so we’ve got to work fast. 

Now that we were able to stand back at the show and have a good look at it -I think there are too many louvers on the side, the original had the bird on the hood side which broke up the lines a bit, I’ll wait till the handles and latches are installed before I commit to new sides. I think it should have more of a chop, but it’s easier to see what’s going on this way –or I’ll bring the hood, cowl, grill and dash up 2” hmm….TBD 

 I do like the big 30’s Genre –heavy, big and pimp for the time, but putting a modern twist on the style, like you’d see in a movie –League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had that white 6wheeled car or maybe what you’d expect a super villain to drive in a Dick Tracy movie or the 1939 Batman comic

Bootch update

Feb 17th -aghhhh

All I do is think about this car, under a month to the show and I haven’t even got it on the ground yet –I don’t do anything unless I’m stressed, I work way better under pressure.

Lots done since the last update, the fenders are looking great, first ones I’ve made this big. The louvers turned out sharp, the Rolls power window lifts are fitted, the rear fenders are mocked upped on the body and need to be trimmed, I’ve got mountains of engine turning to do -one window sill takes about 45 min. 

Performance World 2011

So… they made me the feature builder this year at Performance World!  -I hesitated a bit, I was getting used to the hermit life style, never going out, working all hours of the night, always something to do it seems. I sat down did some reflecting about the past and thought why not –shows are fun and gives me a chance to reconnect with the public and friends who also never get out of the shop, The Performance World car show is the first one out of the gate for us and I believe it gets people pumped about the upcoming summer. Over the years in various capacities we have made a lot of unusual vehicles for not so normal people, what better way to bring awareness to the practical side of Hot Rodding. Times have changed but we’re still here working with like minded people to build a new future, the wheels are spinning and the ocean is still blue, many opportunities await us for glory –this summer should be interesting.

We’ll be right smack in the middle of Hall 3 this year, come on down and say hi, I don’t know what we’ll do for the display as of yet, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting. The new car I’ve been working on will be there the “Bootch” is its nickname at this point, I will need your help for it –I have no idea what I want for taillights yet, it can’t be anything typical, something modern in function but is from the 20’s/30’s era (I’ve always had problems with taillights)

The New Year, etc

Happy New year and all that stuff, I’m getting good vibes about this year, we’ve got lots to do (still playing catch up) and we’ve got a whole new batch of cars lining up to get in the door –might consider another expansion this summer –TBD. For now the snow has us working inside where it’s warm. As I look outside at my 12 year project sitting under a mountain of snow, I think to myself… this is the year.  -if anyone out there knows where I can find a 4BT Cummins in Ontario -drop me a line, I’m brewing up another idea.

I think I’ve nailed the T-shirt printing process down now, they’re looking good -I had a whole bunch to send out for Christmas – I trust eveyone got them OK.  I’ve been making jackets again but I didn’t get any shots of the last batch before they left (I’m smart like that) and will get the shots up soon.  I’ve been experimenting with T-shirt colours; the grey I like, black is always a staple, but my entire T-shirt drawer is black -I needed something else, I like the brown, and the red is really bright. I was thinking about doing some in Army Green and change the grey to green as well… or something.

The Bootch Update

December 31 – last day of 2010!

More pics of the Bootch are up –working on the roof, drip rails, cowl, door strikers/ dovetails and rear trunk frame over the holidays. -I dig this car -Patience was something I didn’t have in my youth –get it done and drive it!  Now that I’ve reached my “Carlsberg Years” I enjoy every minute I work on it, I build every car as if it’s for myself and I won’t compromise quality for time –do it once, do it right….. until I decide there is a better way, then cut it out and redo –do it as many times as it takes to do it right!

November 30 2010    We’ve been busting butt all summer trying to play catch up and stay on top of jobs, now it’s time for the winter projects to come back online, The Bootch (as I’ve taken to calling it now) is back full steam ahead, I can’t rush quality it takes as long as it needs to. Since the last update I changed a few things –we had a Rolls Royce donor car here for a bit, so I took the column and shifter mechanism (electronic shifter for the th400 –slick set up (if I can figure out the wiring!) We also got the Hydro boost brake master in and I swapped out the power box for a power rack, this thing will steer and stop great with those giant 22” aluminum blank rims. I’ve been hammering away at the interior and getting those doors chopped down to the right height 7” total removed, brought the sill up 2” and the top down 5” now for the roof…..

August 10 2010 -Well kinda Bucciali-ish, not really, well not even close -kinda sorta, maybe if you squint.

I had pics of this car on my wall forever; Dave asked me on day about a project and I jumped at the chance to put my spin on this car. I don’t know what the final out come will be for this one yet, I’ve pretty much got all the big stuff  thought out and located. The Donor started out as a 4 door Essex, to keep the proportions right I took 6” out of the back doors and added it to the rear section. It was widened 8.5” to give us some room for the interior and I leaned the “A” post back so the hood will clear the visor; It still needs a chop and I might raise the window sills up 2″ to make the doors look bigger.  The original car was front wheel drive, we went rear wheel with a big block. I vision this car looking like a modern version of a playboy’s car from the 20’s, with loads of engine turning.

It’s not much to look at right now so -Stay tuned for more pics 

David B’s Roadster

We don’t normally do traditional customs and without Dave’s guidance I have no idea what this car may have looked like if I had creative freedom on it –it’s nice to pay respects to the roots every so often. This was the most traditional car Oddball has ever built (although I did convince him to let me install some H4’s so he could see at night) I look forward to other projects that make me back up in time.

 I don’t think Dave or I really understood how far we’d get into this car when we started, when it came to the shop, it seemed good and solid –it ran, but had no brakes, once we got into it –it was in need of lots of “love”

We ended up going over the whole car, rad, grill, steering, brakes, e-brake, wiring, cowl, windshield, dash, seat, gas tank, trunk floor, rear frame, bodywork and paint and exhaust –etc. With Dave’s “Magic Fingers” at the ready on EBay, he was all set to find everything cool when the situation arose. Anyone can build a car out of a catalogue of parts, but then it looks like everyone else’s car –lame, I don’t think people know how much time goes into researching cool stuff for cars, in this case having the customer doing the looking was perfect

The car has a 40’s dry lake look about it, and the pipes up the side really set it off, I though it was going to be louder but the flatty just sounds like a tractor; I installed Harley silencers in the ends of the pipes just to take some of the “crack” out of the music.

Now all we need is black and white photography and some salt. Check the pics –they tell a better story that I can type.

A video of the “unveiling” is up on on the Canadian Rodder channel on YouTube   http://www.youtube.com/user/canadianrodder



We have this big old louver press sitting in the corner, doesn’t get used much -at the same time, not many people ask for louvers any more. Jim was looking around trying to find a place to have them done and as it turns out there aren’t many in Ontario. We worked with Jim coming up with different layouts till we found one that worked. Jim has a really nice 36 ford, he wanted to freak out the norms by telling them he is hot rodding it –or hot rodding his extra hood is more like it, this way he can go back and forth whenever he chooses. Jim will be sending along some more shots after they’ve been painted. BTW -We can do louvers from 1″ to 5″ in one inch increments. And ideally before punching louvers we need all paint removed, sometimes it’s required to remove the inner bracing in trucks or hoods. And No we can’t punch louvers in fiberglass (I’ve been asked)

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