Steve is selling his 33

He bought it at the Megas Speed Show from Great body, comes with door latches, power windows already installed -makes building a Hot Rod so much easier, stick in on a Lucky 7 33 rolling chassis and your almost done

give me a call.

Found this online

Someone took a video of the Bootch -You can see Dave and Brian Buzbee from BASF in a very intense meeting sitting in the booth

Awkward then, fun in hindsight

The Russians showed up (I think they were Russian?) and wanted to take some video, Nobody wanted to talk about the car -So Steve jumped in and did it -Cheesy and Brutal -Steve should be a host!

Daily Planet Shoot Video

I posted a copy of the shoot we did with Discoverys Daily Planet -we chopped a 40 Dodge truck and followed it up with a segment on welding

MegaSpeed car show in Toronto

New Show, great vibes -looking forward to it.  Loaded the Bootch in the show last night (thanks for the help guys) and set the detailers to “on” and left them for the night. Steve had his 55 ford set up early -because he’s in the front row! So this year I’ve got 2 cars in the front room -woot!  Come on down, I’ll be milling about all weekend, drop by and say

Check this out

We have been wondering what had happened to Aron’s coupe since it sold on ebay and left to the west coast -it’s made a you tube video appearance.

Steve’s 55 -now with pics!

The 60th Detroit AutoRama is open –so now I can finally post the pictures of the truck –including the shots at the show.  It was nice to see all those pieces come together at the end. Check it out!

Had to break them down into categories for easier uploads




And at Detroit

Steve’s 55 Ford

  Is on it’s way to Detroit, soon I’ll able to post the entire build -Wow it’s turned out nice -Joe and the guys at Deez Rodz and Ridez did an amazing job on the paint, and we’re a huge asset in the reassembly process, we used their awesome shop in Uxbridge and thanks to Terry at TK Customs for doing a great job on the interior. I’m looking forward to seeing it at the show, Stop by and say hi if your going to be there.

Das Bootch has left the building

Pulled a few all nighters to get this one ready for the next stage –interior. Then to Megaspeed. I love this car, now I want one. The pics tell more than I can describe.

Discovery Channel -Daily Planet

Feb 9th @ 7 and 11pm will be the welding segment and the chop will be on Feb 13th @ 7 and 11pm, they split them up and reversed the order through the magic of TV!

More fun in the shop right during show season! I’ve been talking with one of the show producers about a segment in the shop for a while now, but I finally made a date Jan 31 and Feb 1st, we’ll be chopping a roof of a 40 Dodge pick up. It will be aired during Garage Gurus week Feb 13th-17th – This also gives me the excuse to paint those unsightly walls on the second floor of the shop