Oct 22nd 2011

I hope your cars have heaters! My neighbors at HyHope farms are having a car show on the 22nd and have asked me to be a part of it.  There will be bands, food etc -the usual stuff -last chance before the icy cold hands of winter lock down on us to get out, come check out the shop if you’re so inclined. If there’s snow -we can toboggan

5450 Lakeridge Rd., Ashburn, Ontario, L0B 1A0


Or call me at the shop for more details

Steve’s 55 Ford truck

I’ve said too much!  I like to post shots of the vehicles we’re working on, but sometime the owners don’t want the shots out there because it’ll be going to a certain level of show and needs to be kept in the dark, and they don’t want anyone to see what they’re building -understandable, but then I’ve got nothing to show for the work that we’ve done, not yet anyway. But I can tell you it’s a 55 Ford with lots of mods.

Bootch update

Still at paint -eeesh hurry up

Scarfone Photography


Paid a visit to one of my customers and took some great shots, check them out -this reminds me to get a better camera (and learn how to use it)

Well look at that!

Seems we made the first edition of a digital mag, check it out

Another Bootch update

So, the chassis and body came back from paint -the body is still in Primer and is going out for proper paint as soon as possible, I had the body painted on the inside and had the bottom LineX‘ed, while it was out I assembled the chassis -the body came back about 50lbs heavier with the LineX on it. Now that the two are together again I can start getting the underneath put together, starting with the AccuAir Suspension system -slick set up, it was a hind sight to go with that kit but I left loads of room underneath for the twin compressors, tank and valves. I want to get some air in the system before it leaves for proper paint.  Now it’s a little closer to it’s final colour in black, the chrome and polishing are still out at Mayfair and will hopefully be back soon.

Jim’s Louvers

We had punched some louvers in Jim’s extra hood, then after paint he sent us some shots of how it turned out -looks like they belong there 

Blimey! More Engilsh Stuff

 I can’t shake English cars, I need one around just to remind me why I don’t work on them, most of us have probably had one and know all the Lucas jokes, and yes some were better than others. I’ve found the best way to make English cars reliable when pats aren’t available any more is to remove the “English”.  I’m working with a couple of guys here in Toronto to get their Austin Princess wedding coaches more up to date/ reliable -new wiring, disc brake conversions (the original is twin leading shoe with manual pedal in a 2.5ton car) Chevy 6cyl engines, AC, etc Lots of work to get these beauties up to snuff -not impossible just lots of love required -and Guinness!

Holy busy summer –a small update

It’s been nuts around the shop since the warmish like weather has decided to try to come out. It’s the season for everyone up here to finally get there cars on the road. But for some reason it also gets the creative juices flowing in people and the new projects that are knocking on the door are crazy awesome. I have loads of photos to get up from the past months, including a set of fenders for the HemiRoid so the “Man” would leave it alone –do they suit it? Don’t know –you be the judge. 

We’re not doing any shows this year, nut we are working on some cool stuff for us finally –the shop is getting the much over due facelift and the Army post apocalyptic Zombie killing shop truck project is underway. I was at a garage sale and bought a giant collection of rod magazines from the late 60’s /early 70’s (my favorite time period for rods) wacky stuff –I’d like to make a discussion area about some of the stuff they’ve done. Even the ad’s are cool –has anyone got some Hai Karate aftershave? What’s it like?

The latest in Bootch development

March 21st

So Performance World has come and gone, we had time to chill out take a deep breath and relax, get everything back to normal.  –NOW back to work! The Bootch is all together but far from done, loads of little things to get sorted from taillights, inside door handles, inside door skins, floor cover plates, engine acc, rework the sliding roof, wipers, straighten out the louvers, modify the fender brackets(I think I can get it lower in the front still), find some bigger headlights, finish welding/ grinding the frame, more engine turning, etc etc –then it’s off to paint prep! We want to be driving this car around this summer so we’ve got to work fast. 

Now that we were able to stand back at the show and have a good look at it -I think there are too many louvers on the side, the original had the bird on the hood side which broke up the lines a bit, I’ll wait till the handles and latches are installed before I commit to new sides. I think it should have more of a chop, but it’s easier to see what’s going on this way –or I’ll bring the hood, cowl, grill and dash up 2” hmm….TBD 

 I do like the big 30’s Genre –heavy, big and pimp for the time, but putting a modern twist on the style, like you’d see in a movie –League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had that white 6wheeled car or maybe what you’d expect a super villain to drive in a Dick Tracy movie or the 1939 Batman comic

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