We Made the Top 6

Only a couple of days left in the Meguiar’s Car Crazy Contest -the car (or truck!) that wins gets to go to Sema show in Vegas! Please Vote -Vote Often!

Just click on the pic of the 55 ford truck! thanks



So we’ve spent a couple of months getting Dave’s car ship shape for the road, for the first road test we took it out to the Jagermeister party at the NXNE music festival -turns out Root Beer goes good with Jager -who knew

Dave has uploaded his pics to photobucket http://s183.photobucket.com/albums/x10/bgbdlinc/Boneyard%20BBQ/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24

I think Dave is going to do a breakdown of everything on the car and do a write up on whats gone on with the build -the ball has been officially passed, Dave…

We need a trip to Vegas!

So the 55 Ford we built has been doing pretty good -good enough to be recognized by Meguiar’s Car Crazy Contest, they take the best cars from 4 Canadian shows and put them online for you to vote on –the winner gets to go to the SEMA show in Vegas with the vehicle –not bad I’d say –Now comes the pressure, I need you to vote for the vehicle, you’ll have to register first –please vote, thanks!


Back in the press


thanks to Nicholas Maronese

David’s 46 Lincoln

Dave is the most Patient man I know, he’s been waiting a long time to get it in the shop -Last night was the night!

Look for this car on the road this summer!


A stock of Pewter Oddball Badges was given to me from Howard -thanks pal

This is the last thing I install on a car after we finish them,

$30 Paypal

Steve is selling his 33

He bought it at the Megas Speed Show from http://www.downsindustries.com/ Great body, comes with door latches, power windows already installed -makes building a Hot Rod so much easier, stick in on a Lucky 7 33 rolling chassis and your almost done

give me a call.

Found this online

Someone took a video of the Bootch -You can see Dave and Brian Buzbee from BASF in a very intense meeting sitting in the booth

Awkward then, fun in hindsight


The Russians showed up (I think they were Russian?) and wanted to take some video, Nobody wanted to talk about the car -So Steve jumped in and did it -Cheesy and Brutal -Steve should be a host!

Daily Planet Shoot Video

I posted a copy of the shoot we did with Discoverys Daily Planet -we chopped a 40 Dodge truck and followed it up with a segment on welding