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Just changing our phone line to something more modern, plus we can never hear the phone going off in the middle of the day anyway. Now send a picture along with things you would like to discuss 

CNC stuff

This sort of stuff used to take forever on the mill, now we just make an extra to hang on the wall! 


Want to keep up with what goes on in the shop weekly? It’s mostly boring technical cool shots of random neat stuff that you don’t get to see during builds, or interesting stuff we find…


Find “stony_smith” and check it out.

Larry’s 37

Larry is a great guy who has put a lots of love into this car and it shows, his car is so close to being done -I’m just helping him tweak all the finishing details to get him on the road this spring. I’m really digging these 30’s fords….. time to dig out the 39, as soon as it thaws out 🙂

Some wrap up shots of Dave’s 35 

This was such a great build from start to finish, Dave and I have worked together on other projects but never this all encompassing -we had some “hiccups” along the way also known as “Learning Experiences” the last things we did to it was make it more compliant for road legalities with bumpers and removable tire hugging fenders -all period correct of course, nothing can make a hot rod ugly as fast trailer fenders!

If your coming down the the Motorama Custom Car Show in Toronto March 10,11,12  stop by and say hi and check out some of the details on this beautiful car. I’ve spent a lot of time on this car and I really like the way it all came together -it almost built itself 

3 Point belts…. in the back 

We’ve installed a lot of these in the front seat, but very seldom in the back. Mounting them can be tricky because you want to keep the retractor upright while finding an adequate place so it keeps tension in the belt and retracts it when you push the button. The other over looked concern is spreading the load around and not just drilling a hole and bolting it in, it should have a thinker plate welded to the car to displace any load so the bolt doesn’t rip out in a worst case scenario 

This is the rear seat location in a 54 Chevy, We mounted the retractor on the front of the wheel well on a piece of 1/8 plate welded to the car -making sure that it’s level so the internal lock doesn’t always trigger, same goes for the 3rd anchor point in the middle of the wheel well 

And on the parcel tray we welded a 1/8 plate underneath the bolt area to secure the anchor point 

Shhhhhh, Dynamat

It’s getting closer all the time. Retro fitting a car for all modern conveniences takes a little head skratching, planning and sacrificing -like adding A/C, we tucked it up inside the dash which meant no stereo and a really small glove box, and because the bench seat was toast we went with bucket seats which gives us a space between the seats for a consol. 

In between the big jobs

I can sqeeze in little ones, like this -a roll pan on a 47 Ford for Bob. This one was straight forward till I found that while the car was straight the fenders were not, so which one to go with? And then ignor the other side -math doesn’t lie. Once we had made the pan, Bob was going to have the fenders made to match. 

Winter has arrived -fingers crossed it melts soon

Some have to sleep outside this winter -in a half done state -just back from paint!!!!! Damn it. One day I will drive this truck, this shot makes me think what if Bob Ross painted trucks in his landscapes


Shirts…. Finally

I’m probably the biggest procrastinator you’ll ever know. 7+ years later I finally had some shirts and hoodies made. I worked with my friend Joe Giampapa to come up with a fun design. We all have a drawer of black T-shirts, so I mixed it up a bit… I even went with purple -still not sure about it. I never liked those thick Tshirts especially on hot days in the shop, so these are a bit thinner and about 1000% more comfortable.