Just a little off the top

Who needs all that head room anyway? It’s not like we are wearing top hats around anymore. With the chop done, everything comes apart for final welding now.



This will be fun

Eugene asked me to build a sidecar for his GSXR 1100 -still in the mock up stage as we are waiting for parts to come in, the sketch provides us with a loose plan of the structure



Mitchell asked me…

How the progress on my 39 Merc is going -it’s the pile on the left. Looking forward to starting on it this spring.


It been a while

So I thought I’d post up a shot or 2 of what I’ve been working on lately.

Bruce’s car is now off the frame table, he wants a 5″ chop on this one -I think with all that head room of a un-chopped T you could wear a Top Hat while driving


Got the Dagmar’s on the pontiac and replaced the floors, rockers, etc -typical 60yr old car stuff -getting ready for paint


And finished up the roof chop on the 49 -now for everything else…


We made it to the big time

1st time for me, I’m pretty stoked to have a vehicle at SEMA, I’ll update the info in the next couple of days, Hopefully Steve will send up some other shots as well, Hint hint….



39 Merc…..

Did I need another car? When it’s a ’39 Merc –yes, yes I do……

David is kind enough to keep me posted on interesting projects that pop up on Kijiji, and when this one came through it blew me away –a ’39 Mercury… up here…. that still has metal on it!…. and an ownership!….and with keys! And after talking to the owner, I found that it had all the original parts right down to the hub caps –this I have to go see.

At 900am I picked up Dave and off we went. At that point there had been 489 views on Kijiji and I was getting worried that someone else might scoop it. We arrived in Cambridge at 1030am and it seemed like we were the first people to view it! First impression –it’s junk. It appeared that somebody had repaired it once upon a time, but all the welds were gas welded so it was most likely done a long time ago. The original taillights are gone, the rear driver side was hit and the trunk lid is tweaked a bit, but no creases (all easy fixes). I could see the floors although they would need to be replaced, as well as the inner fenders in the back (still nothing too major).

The owner showed us his Henry J collection and assorted muscle car parts in a old scrap yard he used to run back in the day. All I could think about was the car and if I really wanted to commit to another project for myself (it’s not like I don’t have a few on the go right now). But cool is cool! A deal was struck and the car was mine in an instant -woot!

Old school custom, how can it not become one –original flathead, drop the back, disc brakes, chop, nice paint and interior –seriously cool. Even if it was a Ford, I still would have bought it (although I find myself becoming more of a Merc snob these days).

I look forward to tearing it down and sinking my teeth into the metal work on this one. Maybe I should have an open house or something when we do the chop on it. How many people can say they helped out on a chop on one of the original customs?

Speaking about Dave

So dave come up to discuss a new roof skin for his car and to brag about his grill(not really, but he looks like a proud father) -he’s been looking forever for a top bar from a Cadillac grill to finish his grill off -looks great Dave! How long we’re you looking?


OMG look what just popped up on Kijiji

While it lasts…


1939 Club Coupe -1st year of production, only 8200 produced….

Big Linc Dave lets me know about these things every so often, man I want that car…. I realize I don’t have enough projects yet but I just can’t pull the trigger on another project, but someone should buy it and let me do the work so I can scratch it off my list


Test drives

The unruly princess has been tamed, starting test drives on the hottest days to make sure she’ll hold together under extreme conditions before we give it back to the customer. I find removing all the English parts and replacing them with reliable parts that are easy to obtain makes life much easier in the long run. When this car came in from Nevada it had a solid mount 350 stuffed in it that would overheat and rattle the doors open, original drums and manual brakes (I think the steering wheel was bent up from trying to stop it) and the wiring was falling apart -then there was the whole Lucas thing as well.
We stripped the car of all the “junk” and started fresh with a rebuilt 250 Chevy 6 cyl and 400 tranny, I made a disc brake conversion for the front and used a Chevy truck rear end on the original leaf springs, and new wiring front to back. Now it’s reliable, and we can get almost any of the consumable parts at any parts place – off to paint, and a carpenter! This thing is all wood. But my first test drive is to drop my son off at school….. In style


Sunday post


Ryan brought over a one piece hood he wanted punched with 3″ louvers for Mother’s Day? I’d like to find or make some old time louver punches, the round top ones like we see in all the small mags…. -I get it now, if you turn the hood around the louvers make an M -I’m sure his mom will love it