RAF switches

We have available to us a very cool selection of NOS WW2 aircraft switch’s and other really cool items from a giant private collection, we’ve been using these in out builds when we can -but we can’t hoard them all for ourselves 🙂 If you’re building a period perfect hotrod -this is the stuff that will set you apart. Check back as stock will change, and email me if you have any questions. Supply is limited -once these items are gone, that’s it -PayPal only. Shipping is of course extra -thanks

Start switch, or momentary switches -we hook these up to relays to start vehicles. 125Cdn eachHawker Hurricane interior

Radium switches!!! How sweet are these -not many left of these NOS in the original SquareD box. We use them as dash switches -they look great in a group, they have a good “snap” when switched, sold separately…. and yes they still glow. 20Cdn each

Panel switches same switch’s you find in most RAF Planes -seen here in the Mosquito (top right) these switch’s are tight, probably from not moving for 60+ years, they also have a firm snap when engaged. 75CDN

Dome lights, not sure what area of the planes these lights came from, but we use them as interior lights, the domes are glass. 100Cdn

Battery switch! These are really cool. We think these were used to switch between ground power and battery power -haven’t been able to find a cockpit with a picture of one in it. Either way we use them as battery disconnect switches. They all work great -still come in the paper wrappers! 125Cdn

Shirts…. Finally

I’m probably the biggest procrastinator you’ll ever know. 7+ years later I finally had some shirts and hoodies made. I worked with my friend Joe Giampapa to come up with a fun design. We all have a drawer of black T-shirts, so I mixed it up a bit… I even went with purple -still not sure about it. I never liked those thick Tshirts especially on hot days in the shop, so these are a bit thinner and about 1000% more comfortable. 


A stock of Pewter Oddball Badges was given to me from Howard -thanks pal

This is the last thing I install on a car after we finish them,

$30 Paypal

The Fez, or Fezes, Fez’s, Fezi, whichever

The Fez…. If you want that “look at me” or “I’m pretending I’m a fire truck” look -this is it! I love it although it gives me weird burn/ tan lines, doesn’t provide any shade and doesn’t protect me from the rain at all, you want one let me know, I don’t stock them and probably never will.