Shirts…. Finally

I’m probably the biggest procrastinator you’ll ever know. 7+ years later I finally had some shirts and hoodies made. I worked with my friend Joe Giampapa to come up with a fun design. We all have a drawer of black T-shirts, so I mixed it up a bit… I even went with purple -still not sure about it. I never liked those thick Tshirts especially on hot days in the shop, so these are a bit thinner and about 1000% more comfortable. 


A stock of Pewter Oddball Badges was given to me from Howard -thanks pal

This is the last thing I install on a car after we finish them,

$30 Paypal


The Fez, or Fezes, Fez’s, Fezi, whichever

The Fez…. If you want that “look at me” or “I’m pretending I’m a fire truck” look -this is it! I love it although it gives me weird burn/ tan lines, doesn’t provide any shade and doesn’t protect me from the rain at all, you want one let me know, I don’t stock them and probably never will.