The SmithStonian institute . . .

. . . of half baked ideas is more like it. In case you haven't gotten the first part SmithStonian - my name is Stony Smith.

I have a very active imagination, and my brain won't let me have a moment to myself - ever, it's always coming up with something interesting, I have nobody around half the time to tell these things to, so I've decided to have a section online that I can through my half baked ideas out to the universe and see what comes back, feel free to send me links if these ideas if they already exist, or if you have and idea to improve them or just shoot-em down(I'll post the responses, if you wish).

I don't watch a lot of TV and I try not to be influenced by magazines, and I have no idea where these ideas come from, probably a practical application that suits my life or a situation that requires some thought. From cars to home, my brain won't stop. And from time to time I'll pass things along that I find cool; I guess this will be my blog.....

Another super cool truck 😎

It’s been out since 2016, but i just found it recently, all their build shots are up as well -check it out 😎


Want to keep up with what goes on in the shop weekly? It’s mostly boring technical cool shots of random neat stuff that you don’t get to see during builds, or interesting stuff we find…


Find “stony_smith” and check it out.

On the 401

If you’ve scrolled through this page you may have noticed I really dig APC’s, rolling through London Ontario we pass this, still don’t know what it is yet -but I see all sorts of cool things 

Random cool shot

I dig the tech that goes into the builds, and I’ve always been interested how they hooked up twin side by side engines 


Something a little different

Just some Roman armor, I digitized some online plans then had them cut from 1/8 plate, bent them up, bolted them together for a “different” weight vest that I used during a 24hr Crossfit Event in Philly   


Cool shifter knob…

I have a small collection of old school shifter knobs, I picked this up a while ago, but didn’t know much about it other than it was cool and has never been installed -just found it in an ad for Cal Custom in Hot Rod April 69


GM had it all planned out in 69

Wonder how many of these were made?


In the “office” flipping through old Mags

As I sit here reading cool old car mags that seem to just show up here, I come across all sorts of cool old stuff -this came from a June 1965 copy of Hot Rod -I’d totally drive this



Awesome cars that I’ve come across

As I browse around checking stuff out, cars, trucks, tanks, etc get me all jacked up and inspired to create something like it -then I think about how many projects I already have, so I just right click and copy the pic into a folder called “one day”

4BT vs 6BT

I really want to use one of those elusive 4BT’s in something, but for the price of a 4 banger I could have 2 6 cylinders, I went up to the wreckers to look at there selection, complete front clip taken from some bread truck -Rad, intercooler, computer, everything you need to drop one in your 65 Lincoln Continental fuel sucker, I did see a mint 59 Desoto with blown motor on Kijiji for 2500. makes those big cars seem worthy again

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