Frickin Laser Beams

So probably most of you have heard about “the closest thing to a light saber” Laser thing right? if not….check it

No regulations controlling the importation and sale of laser pointers have been established in Canada to date, except for the federal regulation that manufacturers comply with the Radiation Emitting Devices Act. As of November 2008 only two people have been charged under the federal Aeronautics Act, which carries a maximum penalty is $100,000 and five years in prison, for attempting to blind a pilot with a laser. Other charges that could be laid include mischief and assault.” Via Wikipedia

So now that I can get one, what to do with it…. not powerful enough to cut metal, Maybe I could make a battery powered lawnmower, but I’d be worried about setting my grass on fire -and does it really have enough power for that? And I just Googled laser lawn mower and some German company already did it. Maybe I can just laser my weeds off my lawn with it. It’s cool, I need it, but what would I do with it?

The Fez, or Fezes, Fez’s, Fezi, whichever

The Fez…. If you want that “look at me” or “I’m pretending I’m a fire truck” look -this is it! I love it although it gives me weird burn/ tan lines, doesn’t provide any shade and doesn’t protect me from the rain at all, you want one let me know, I don’t stock them and probably never will.

Heavy Metal Sports Car?

So this was an idea that I had a while ago, and one day I’d love to tool up to do this in house. This idea came to my out of love for armored cars, and then trying to streamline them a little. Why not take some modern sport cars, make flat panel versions on CAD or Solid Works then have it cut out, then weld it up. Using a thicker metal would mean the body could be the chassis as well. 2 wheel drive Diesel -with ramming capabilities!


32 Bucciali-ish

This is a crazy project, I’ve had a picture of that car on my wall for years, for me –to build a car like this would certainly be challenging, but I’m not doing a replica of it –I’m doing my version which I hope looks more like a future 20’s/30’s playboy car.

The base for this car is a 4 door Essex, the Essex has 4 suicide doors with Stainless hinges and brass pins( the workmanship of this car is way better than any ford, back in the day) Loads of mods already to get the scale right for the Bucciali dimensions, and loads more to go; I had to lean the A post back so the hood will clear the visor, I took 6” out of the rear doors, and added it to rear panel. This car will have 32” overall wheels with 22” rims, and right now without a chop it stands 57” tall. It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on, I like to work from biggest to smallest and most of the unforeseen stuff has been sorted so now it’s just a matter of keeping on it till completion. We hope to have this car ready for Performance world and AutoRama this year.

I’ll update the shots as things develop.

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