New ceiling fan for the shop

Got to thinking about ceiling fan and how I’d like another one in the new area of the shop. I was thinking about how cheap I am and how much I like to work harder than necessary and came up with my free energy ceiling fan -wind blows outside, now wind blows inside. I could make it will make electricity as well, but for now it makes wind. I’ll need to play with various sizes etc to get it right, and come up with some sort of governor for high winds. Or maybe make the windmill like those ones you see out front of shops on  the street spinning, except mine would say “F” you “U” as it spins -Ha ha

Dave’s 30 Plymouth

This is a really cool car, David was in the right place at the right time for this one, a good customer of mine Bill was looking to sell this car after most of the fab was completed -David was looking for a car he could drive around all the time and gain attention everywhere he went to promote his business, we have build lots of cars together over the years, and I think he’ll like this one the most –till the next one anyway.

I really like the way this car looks gangster, I had a vision to paint it like you’d see a black and white photo of this car in various grey tones, but then keeping with the sinister theme it would look better if the body was in Satin black and everything that was chrome goes gloss black with tinted windows, because it’s a Plymouth it’s got a Hemi -so the sound is right as well and the Daytons are a perfect fit for vibe. Dave has abnormally long arms and legs so we had to revise the seating arrangement for him, but the back seat is still huge. This car is Super slick and mean.  A/C -power windows, it’s got it all -and with the fenders, I’m hoping he’ll drive it in the winter as well!

The car is done for us, he’ll have the interior, windows tinted and the paint redone over the next month at various places. For now the car sits at his booth at the CNE.

Hemi-Roid -mark III

The HemiRoid –mark 3!

                Well kind of; The car the “HemiRoid” was put in storage and left to die, been there done that, I never move backwards always forwards –it didn’t really need anything except some love to get her back up and on the road. As some of you may know the car was never really finished, after I mocked up for Billetproof 06 that was it -it stayed on the road till I lost interest; it went into storage -got rusty then I really wasn’t interested in it. It had its share of fame, international magazines, car shows, photo shoots, fanatics in France building scale models (Kryss Michel) etc.

Then my friend Jason asked me if he could buy it…… I hummed and hawed, couldn’t really come up with a price let along figure out what I wanted to do with it, but a deal was struck and off it went. Jason saw the car for what it could be; he took it to a level where it should have gone in the first place. We ripped the car back down the chassis, painted the frame, bottom and inside of the car black, added a new wiring harness and A/C!, it needed windows to hold in all that cold air, a sunroof, door seals and a ton of Dynamat . Now the car is a full on street rod that works.

Both Jason and I like the polished metal surface but over time it had faded and the condensation from being locked in a container for a while had eaten through all the years of WD-40 that I sprayed on it. Jason had found this product called Shark Hide(brilliant stuff) we repolished the surface back up to a mirror then painted this stuff on, it says it hold the rust back for 6 years! We’ll see……

Check the pics of the up dated version, let me know if you want to know anything in particular, I’d be happy to answer.


George is Going Postal!

George has a vision for his Mail truck –He won’t even tell me where he’s going with it yet, we’ve added the post apocalyptic zombie killing bars to the front of it –lowered it and installed seats for the family. He’s got more plans for it –but like all of us –plans change, I not sure how it’ll end up but I’m sure it will be cool! You’ll have to check back to see if more progress has been made.

Jason’s 50 ford Pickup

Jason’s Ford pickup

Jason came in with an idea about a truck, he’s a big guy and driving a chopped 30’s cab wasn’t going to work for him, he found a 50’s ford that would allow him to sit comfortably with his creature comforts in style.  The cab and box had the usual amount of rust which makes an excellent candidate for a custom; the unusual part of this build is the grill, a Hudson Terraplane. The Grill is narrow at the bottom and looks skinny compared the cab and as always the challenge is to get a project to flow right. I found these giant headlights that filled up the space nicely. Jason had procured a late model F150 rear end that we used in the truck with airbags and a 4-bar; with these rims and tires on the back the total width is 4” this side of an H1. We widened the box  6” to compensate, which makes it look like a Fleetside. The interior has all the nice stuff you’d expect, power windows, heat, A/C, a ton of sound deadening. It’s running a warmed over 354 Hemi backed up with a 5 speed. Jason has big motorsports history and expects a lot of his vehicles, he hasn’t broken the truck in half yet….. so I guess building things like tanks has paid off again!

Joe’s Olds

Joe… a funny guy, we’ve been talking forever about which car and what he wants to do to it, he found this 54 Olds in town, it needs work but it’s a hard top. I have to keep telling him not to chop deck nose slice, section –everything just to make this car different; it’s cool just the way it is -get it running smooth, fix the rust, etc before we get into it. I want to make sure he has a solid car, but Joe he’s an intense guy and he finally beat me down to do some work to it –nothing major just cosmetics –so then began the hunt –it’s funny how cars come together, you have an idea of what you want based on what you’ve seen around –I’ve said it before –these things build themselves the pieces you find along your journey are the pieces you use on the car; kind of like your fate brings the parts together –or something, I wonder how that works?…anyway where was I…ah yes. So Joe managed to scrounge up some really cool pieces and others from the bottom of a lake and it all worked out quite well. I was totally amazed how well those 57 Chevy fenders fit perfectly right over the olds fenders prior to cutting them in. The 1960-ish(?) Plymouth fins are an interesting choice but cool, he’ll have to do some work with the taillight arrangement so everyone can see him. Not sure what the front bumper is from, but the rear is a 56 Pontiac I think Joe said. Of course it all bolded on with no issues, like everything –it required loads of “massaging” to be straightened then modified and welded, then welded to the car –and repeat. I forgot, check the side profile shot see how he’s got 2” between the ground and the lake pipe –not anymore, we installed a 4-link as well to get it lower. He’s running a 2 pump hydraulic suspension with accumulators –his pipes were almost ground in half and that’s the way he likes it! For me this car is done and left for home today so he can get it ready for the summer. It’ll be back again for some mods, that’s why I can never settle on a paint colour, I’m always modifying it, why drop lots of cake on paint if you going to cut into it next week? Just drive it!

Rob’s Roadster

Robs car wasn’t the straightest when he got it, it was a mismatch of parts, he had the vision and stuck to it.  A “T” phaeton front end and the back half of a “A” roadster welded badly together, so we built him a high-boy style 2×4 frame with a Mustang front end. Then mounted the front half of the body, once we got it straight we cut the back end off and re-welded back so the body lines flowed better. I dig the way the upper trunk area flows onto the back deck.

Update -Rob has been showing me some new shots of how this car is coming together, I think him and his dad will have it on the road this year with the way there hustling on it. 

Kieth’s 69 Mustang


This car didn’t really look to bad, but when we started getting into it a pulled some measurements off of it -we could tell it was hit hard -really hard -the story from Keith was that it was hit by a snow plow. It was originally from BC which meant it is a solid car so it was worth saving. Both rear frame rails were bent and it seemed the front passenger side was pushed through the firewall. Nothing a dozen buckets of cheese and tar couldn’t cover; fortunately we can buy everything for this car, so the swapping out sheet metal hasn’t been too bad, just loads of it. Keith needs to have a solid base before he can start having fun with it, watch for the updates on this one -it can only get better!  I think the last two photos are awesome, these were pics he sent me while over sea’s on Tour, his Coyote was hit by a IED (everyone was good) HOLLY CRAP is an understatement!

Chris’s Shoebox

 typical Canadian car and another Soldier, solid guy! Floors, inner outer rockers, floor supports, tranny tunnel, body mounts, motor swap; Plus to top it all off it had been hit hard, so we ended up cutting the car apart and welding it back together in the right locations(crazy how someone can buthcher a car together)  Now he has a safe car that he can have some fun in when he finishes it up. Jamco makes some great conversion stuff for this car, so the fittment of a SB ford and tranny was no problem, disc brakes are a must in my book, I like to drive fast -but I also like to stop fast!

Chris’s roadster

This was a fun nostalgia project; one that Chris said was inspired by the fact that his Dad Ken was an original member of the Igniters Rod & Custom Club back in the day. The hi-boy roadster body, stovebolt engine, extended ‘32 rails, and cool stance give it a real late 40’s flavour. It’s nice to build one of these every so often to keep us grounded; otherwise I’d be off in outer 60’s show car space again. Chris found this amazing body in pieces, neatly stacked up against the wall of its previous caretaker’s garage. After countless weekends and many grinding discs later, Chris turned the body over to us for the final mock-up. Kind of like a giant ’29 roadster model kit –nothing a bit of time and some old fashioned ingenuity can’t sort out. He had also wanted to use this Inline-6 from his Mom’s old ‘58 Chevy and didn’t want to sink it into the fire wall, so we stretched the frame in front of the fire wall 6 inches, re-profiled the taper, boxed it and bobbed the rear frame rails. Presto! An extended wheelbase ’32 frame. Chris has lots of work in front of him now to finish it off -but when your having fun -is it really work?