We made it into the new KBC tools catalogue

I’ve been shopping at KBC for years now; they’ve got loads of great stuff and loads of stuff I dream of owning one day.  It was a nice surprise that they asked me for some shots so they could put me in there new catalogue. Check them out.

Another thought hit me

While I was working away on the Bucciali-ish like car (we have to come up with another name for it) I needed to raise the windowsills of the doors a couple of inches, but while I had it cut apart I raised it up the full chop height just to see what it would look like. I looked at it for a long time -I like it! not for this car though, I need to build another with this type of treatment, long door panels -early attempt at a higher security, or maybe a VIP tough guy car from back in the day. Don’t chop the roof bring the sills up, hmmmmmm, don’t know what to do about the front windshield though……