We have this big old louver press sitting in the corner, doesn’t get used much -at the same time, not many people ask for louvers any more. Jim was looking around trying to find a place to have them done and as it turns out there aren’t many in Ontario. We worked with Jim coming up with different layouts till we found one that worked. Jim has a really nice 36 ford, he wanted to freak out the norms by telling them he is hot rodding it –or hot rodding his extra hood is more like it, this way he can go back and forth whenever he chooses. Jim will be sending along some more shots after they’ve been painted. BTW -We can do louvers from 1″ to 5″ in one inch increments. And ideally before punching louvers we need all paint removed, sometimes it’s required to remove the inner bracing in trucks or hoods. And No we can’t punch louvers in fiberglass (I’ve been asked)

I can’t get APC’s out of my head

I’ve been checking thing out forever, I got it for my son, but I’ve been secretly keeping my eye on it so I could nab it one day when he got board of it –that day has come.

I’m a closet Vanner, always have always will, I thought I got vanning out of my system with the General Lee –guess not! This thing fits the Van/ APC vehicle criteria perfectly.

So now I have to come up with the plan, this version seems to be Rear engine –if you’ve driven a small van you know how much room a front engine takes up, and if you driven a VW van you miss being able to load stuff in the back like a full size van, We need to come up with a good floor plan, the size of the interior requirement will determine the size of the vehicle, however I think a good size would be a Scion XB;  a full size would be too big, heck maybe it’s even possible to use the Scion platform –cut it apart and rearrange it to suit the new layout. I still like the idea of a hull design, the metal is thicker, and all the mechanical parts and suspension mount to it.

Wheels –I like the look but they don’t look very practical do they, you want to keep the suspension low for maximum interior space, I wonder if you can get a hub gear reducer and flip it up (all custom mounts of course) an independent front end of some sort should work fine.

Doors, you’ll need something space age for sure, loose the cooler ducts on the side and we’d have all the room we need to get in and out comfortably.