New Addition


I’ve been contemplating on the best way to do this for a while, I’ve got the louver machine -but it’s only good up to 5″, the bead roller only has a depth of 18″,  the Pullmax louver tool is the next option -but in the mean time I had this made up for my wheel.  I need to produce louvers of different sizes for the Bootch hood. So far on the practice runs everything went as planned, first I cut the sheet metal by hand to lay the pattern out, then roll back and forth, the profile of the louver causes some distortion at the ends but is easy to hammer out -the car is long and low and I wanted the louvers to reflect that.

The New Year, etc

Happy New year and all that stuff, I’m getting good vibes about this year, we’ve got lots to do (still playing catch up) and we’ve got a whole new batch of cars lining up to get in the door –might consider another expansion this summer –TBD. For now the snow has us working inside where it’s warm. As I look outside at my 12 year project sitting under a mountain of snow, I think to myself… this is the year.  -if anyone out there knows where I can find a 4BT Cummins in Ontario -drop me a line, I’m brewing up another idea.

I think I’ve nailed the T-shirt printing process down now, they’re looking good -I had a whole bunch to send out for Christmas – I trust eveyone got them OK.  I’ve been making jackets again but I didn’t get any shots of the last batch before they left (I’m smart like that) and will get the shots up soon.  I’ve been experimenting with T-shirt colours; the grey I like, black is always a staple, but my entire T-shirt drawer is black -I needed something else, I like the brown, and the red is really bright. I was thinking about doing some in Army Green and change the grey to green as well… or something.