Bootch update

Feb 17th -aghhhh

All I do is think about this car, under a month to the show and I haven’t even got it on the ground yet –I don’t do anything unless I’m stressed, I work way better under pressure.

Lots done since the last update, the fenders are looking great, first ones I’ve made this big. The louvers turned out sharp, the Rolls power window lifts are fitted, the rear fenders are mocked upped on the body and need to be trimmed, I’ve got mountains of engine turning to do -one window sill takes about 45 min. 

Performance World 2011

So… they made me the feature builder this year at Performance World!  -I hesitated a bit, I was getting used to the hermit life style, never going out, working all hours of the night, always something to do it seems. I sat down did some reflecting about the past and thought why not –shows are fun and gives me a chance to reconnect with the public and friends who also never get out of the shop, The Performance World car show is the first one out of the gate for us and I believe it gets people pumped about the upcoming summer. Over the years in various capacities we have made a lot of unusual vehicles for not so normal people, what better way to bring awareness to the practical side of Hot Rodding. Times have changed but we’re still here working with like minded people to build a new future, the wheels are spinning and the ocean is still blue, many opportunities await us for glory –this summer should be interesting.

We’ll be right smack in the middle of Hall 3 this year, come on down and say hi, I don’t know what we’ll do for the display as of yet, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting. The new car I’ve been working on will be there the “Bootch” is its nickname at this point, I will need your help for it –I have no idea what I want for taillights yet, it can’t be anything typical, something modern in function but is from the 20’s/30’s era (I’ve always had problems with taillights)