Holy busy summer –a small update

It’s been nuts around the shop since the warmish like weather has decided to try to come out. It’s the season for everyone up here to finally get there cars on the road. But for some reason it also gets the creative juices flowing in people and the new projects that are knocking on the door are crazy awesome. I have loads of photos to get up from the past months, including a set of fenders for the HemiRoid so the “Man” would leave it alone –do they suit it? Don’t know –you be the judge. 

We’re not doing any shows this year, nut we are working on some cool stuff for us finally –the shop is getting the much over due facelift and the Army post apocalyptic Zombie killing shop truck project is underway. I was at a garage sale and bought a giant collection of rod magazines from the late 60’s /early 70’s (my favorite time period for rods) wacky stuff –I’d like to make a discussion area about some of the stuff they’ve done. Even the ad’s are cool –has anyone got some Hai Karate aftershave? What’s it like?