Another Bootch update

So, the chassis and body came back from paint -the body is still in Primer and is going out for proper paint as soon as possible, I had the body painted on the inside and had the bottom LineX‘ed, while it was out I assembled the chassis -the body came back about 50lbs heavier with the LineX on it. Now that the two are together again I can start getting the underneath put together, starting with the AccuAir Suspension system -slick set up, it was a hind sight to go with that kit but I left loads of room underneath for the twin compressors, tank and valves. I want to get some air in the system before it leaves for proper paint.  Now it’s a little closer to it’s final colour in black, the chrome and polishing are still out at Mayfair and will hopefully be back soon.

Opportunity for being an idiot has its consequences

So…. I go get the Bootch body from having the bottom done in LineX, on the way home the city is out painting the lines on the road -Finally I thought, I get to leave a trail of yellow paint when I cross the line -and over I went, just enough to see my handy work in the mirror -ha ha ha “I’m such a child” I thought to myself. When I got home I realize what I have done CRAP CRAP CRAP -or other words that mean the same thing. I forgot about the wheel spray and managed to cover the brand new LineX in Yellow paint -Fortunately it seemed to pick off nicely once it dried. The Lesson here is to use the enclosed trailer next time.  

Gotta love Garage sales

So, out driving one day, I noticed some car parts at a garage sale -stopped -it was all crap except for a giant stack of car mags from the late 60’s through the late 70’s, 5 bucks later I had them all!  Loads of reading material. Some very cool mags are the Hot Rod Show World’s, this pic came from the 1975 Annual. I love this car “Suspended Animation”  then at the bottom of the description I noticed my buddy Chuck Miller did the paint!   Now I want a C-cab 70’s show rod, but only if I can get a pair of Mr.Hicks (1970)

Jim’s Louvers

We had punched some louvers in Jim’s extra hood, then after paint he sent us some shots of how it turned out -looks like they belong there