Oct 22nd 2011

I hope your cars have heaters! My neighbors at HyHope farms are having a car show on the 22nd and have asked me to be a part of it.  There will be bands, food etc -the usual stuff -last chance before the icy cold hands of winter lock down on us to get out, come check out the shop if you’re so inclined. If there’s snow -we can toboggan

5450 Lakeridge Rd., Ashburn, Ontario, L0B 1A0


Or call me at the shop for more details

Steve’s 55 Ford truck

I’ve said too much!  I like to post shots of the vehicles we’re working on, but sometime the owners don’t want the shots out there because it’ll be going to a certain level of show and needs to be kept in the dark, and they don’t want anyone to see what they’re building -understandable, but then I’ve got nothing to show for the work that we’ve done, not yet anyway. But I can tell you it’s a 55 Ford with lots of mods.

Bootch update

Still at paint -eeesh hurry up

Scarfone Photography


Paid a visit to one of my customers and took some great shots, check them out -this reminds me to get a better camera (and learn how to use it)

I wish

Could someone finally make a TV show about racing post apocalyptic cars made from a scrap yard with cars like this –or something, ooh -and guns(paintball at least) where “bumping” is encouraged. Every time I see pics with this style of car, the tasteful ones, with accessories that mean business -function before fashion, it makes me want to build one, but what car??? –so just before the shite hits the fan, and you gotta get somewhere fast, no rules and the only thing in your way is a bunch of hooligans in cars and bikes…… what do you chose to build?

Well look at that!

Seems we made the first edition of a digital mag, check it out