Discovery Channel -Daily Planet

Feb 9th @ 7 and 11pm will be the welding segment and the chop will be on Feb 13th @ 7 and 11pm, they split them up and reversed the order through the magic of TV!

More fun in the shop right during show season! I’ve been talking with one of the show producers about a segment in the shop for a while now, but I finally made a date Jan 31 and Feb 1st, we’ll be chopping a roof of a 40 Dodge pick up. It will be aired during Garage Gurus week Feb 13th-17th – This also gives me the excuse to paint those unsightly walls on the second floor of the shop

Steve’s 55 Ford

The truck is almost back from paint –sorry, I’m still not allowed to post shots of the truck yet. The colours Steve’s wife chose are brilliant, very 60’s. We reassembled the chassis and sent it off back to Deez to have the cab reinstalled and painted –should be back here this coming week for a massive push to get it reassembled so we can get it to Terry at TK customs for interior ASAP –Detroit is coming up fast!

Rob’s 32

 It was nice to work on something so clean but what a mess, I guess it was made into a street rod back in the day, and then it got hit, remade into another street rod, then another rod, and so on. Really nice shape, just bazaar mods done to it –It fun to diagnose what has gone on over the years with cars and check the quality of the work done back in the day, but when you chop a roof and don’t even line up the doors! Eeesh. We had to remove the roof, cut the cowl section off just to get the doors in the right spots. We reworked the rear door and frame, fixed the overlapping roof, added new drip rails, installed the Bitchen floors, removed the rust, door gaps, etc –the usual. Rob’s the nicest guy and we want his first hot rod to be a fun experience, now he’s got a great base on which to reassemble.