On the Road -kinda


While I’m waiting for the plates to arrive I get to test drive it up and down my road, go for coffee at the golf course and visit the neighbors -I think they are getting tired of seeing me -looking forward to getting some real miles under it’s belt -everything good so far -Might have a black band painted in the rims to tone them down a bit

Ron’s Pontiac

     This car is really solid –never been hit, a couple of rotten spots, frame extensions, wheel lips, lower quarters, trunk frame mounts –typical spots –nothing major. It’s a perfect candidate for a custom we clipped the front with a cutlass,  dropped s10 spindles, 4 linked and bagged, we’re mocking up the 56 Cadillac Dagmar’s right now, and have yet to make the rear roll pan and weld up the taillight holes. Then it all comes apart for paint -lot’s more pics to post

Do some Pull ups!

Crossfit Newmarket Central ask me to build them a pull up rig that could span the opening of the delivery door -no problem

No room for pull ups is not an option anymore

English cars -love hate thing

A side observation of English cars as I see it –I’ve had the “luck” to work on a huge variety of cars from England -Jag, Mini, Triumph, Sunbeam, Austin, Rover, Bedford, etc including motorcycles –and while it’s mostly nuts and bolts and while everything that goes together comes apart, but the way they do it requires a huge act of patience “the reward for Patience is Patience” I keep telling myself. Once upon a time I liked them, then vowed to never own one again, buy another project –hate it, sell it, vow to never own one again and repeat over and over again. English cars in Canada are rotten, everything that sits close to the ground is suspect, without mention the wiring is a joke, parts for the obscure ones are difficult to find –and my favorite attribute are all the modifications that have “fixed” it along it’s path to eventually end up at my door to be fixed properly. But at the end of the day a cool car is a cool car and if you really like the English style and you get it cheap enough –gut it and change everything to make it reliable and practical –words to live by. In a moment of weakness I bought a 61 Sunbeam Alpine that came from Kansas(no rust) (no motor/ tranny)(no wiring)(no gauges)=no problem –this will the easiest English build yet!