Looking for…..

A 40’s COE cab -Ford Chevy Dodge -I’m not picky, we’re looking to build a shop truck, email the details, thanks

Kind of funny -When I wrote this -I forgot I had one parked in the trees(I’m getting old) My Military CMP truck -watch the SmithStonian for teardown shots

The Sunbeam

I dug the Sunbeam out to take some pics and figure out which way to go with it so I can start collecting parts -the Street Freak 70’s is fun, but the 60’s Gasser look is sick. It’s got a super tight engine bay at only 23″ wide so motor options are limited, but if I change the front suspension and steering I can buy a few inches -or maybe a 4cyl -thoughts?

April’s Lincoln

April loves big 70’s boats; it seems she has a collection of them. She asked us to louver the hood on this 74 -it was way to big to fit in the louver press, and she wanted a different style of louver to fill up the middle section of the hood. At the same time I got my new GoPro2 -So I made a time lapse video of the entire process.

BTW -louvering does not take 2:27min

Absolut Dogs

Working with Defined Designs we had to replicate the Dogs used in the new advertising campaign for Absolut. I made all the panels from card stock, digitized them, then we cut them out on the laser, I think it was around 477 different pieces I had to weld up into sections, so they could be painted and then attached to the fiberglass Greyhounds. My dogs did not like trying the armor on…

and you can see the original video here