The new shop truck

My plan is to keep chipping away at this one till it’s done and being Scottish (although way back) I’m still a cheap bastard and will probably nickel and dime myself to death on this project. When I got the truck it was just a cab and frame -I don’t want a flat deck or a ramp truck to haul cars on I want a go anywhere command vehicle, something I can 4×4 into the woods or up a ski hill and crank the tunes and lounge in some hammocks. This truck is know as a CGT (Chevy Gun Tractor) but the back section as taken off and the truck was used as a snow plow -so most of the cool parts that make this truck a CGT are gone, and building a new back section would be easy but it won’t allow me to do what I want with it, but in Australia they have a different version of the gun tractor with a full back -super rare around these parts but there are enough pictures out there for me to be able to build one. These are some of the Teardown shots and some of the assemblies needing work -I can tell it’s going to be more restoration than Fab by the pile of stuff I’m keeping.

Miata Louvers

Tierdyn has a really nice Miata with a corvette engine that’s really nicely done. He didn’t want to ugly it up by bolting some louvers on it, so we did it the proper way and stamped them in. Being an Aluminum hood I wanted to be a delicate with it, so rather than sanding I stripped where we would be putting the louvers. Like most hoods we have to cut out the inner structure prior to louvering to get the hood in the press -we used the 5″ louvers, sort of reminds me of a mini E Type…

What to do with an unruly Princess

This car was brought up from Nevada, and was cobbled together during it’s life -but it was a good base to start. We removed everything English -fit a new rear axle, made a disc brake kit for it, installed power brakes and changed the master, changed the motor to a rebuilt Chevy 250 -replaced the wiring front to back. I’m just working on setting up the 2 AC systems -this car ran with a 7lb rad cap which meant none of the 3 heater cores or connecting lines had flared ends to hold the pressure of a 15lb cap, lots of little things like that to sort out. But now this Princess is reliable and parts are obtainable if anything goes wrong