I’ve done loads of shows

Over the years. I’m working on other cars while I wait for the Bootch to come back from paint…. again! -10 days till we need to get it to the Autoshow here in Toronto, then I need to reassemble it again. I think I work my best under pressure, we’ve always made the show, blown motors, accidents, paint problems, interior problems, transportation, you name it -it’s happened. We can always come up with a solution and sort it out -Lots of late nights, loads of drama -real life stuff, probably why I’m losing my hair. These are the times that you really live….. and I like it. Ride that wave of stress, and pass the stress on to others so that they can live as well.

Crossfit Tidal’s new Rig

They now have 2 locations in Toronto which meant they needed a new rig -who else is going to come in and measure your place up for a custom Pull-up station, with built in squat racks -and then install it? Oddball, because I like to do pull-ups.


Oddball Kustoms at the 2013 AutoShow in Toronto?

Like the Jeffersons -we’re movin on up!

They asked us to participate in the Hot Rod Canadian Builders Showcase -a great honor to me and I’m stoked to be involved!  The exhibit will be on the 700 level of the Metro Toronto Convention Center February 15th -24th. We’re bringing the Bootch and Steve will be there with his 55 Ford truck at the Cruise Nationals Display 


Me and my son goofing around

at the grocery store


playing with the GoPro

The Cruise Nationals Grand Champion

Note yet, but soon with your help! -this is it, the final vote -below is a link to site, feel free to vote for the best Gold 55 Ford Truck on the page! You’ve seen how it was built, you know what’s in it, you’ve seen it at the shows -now it’s time for it to claim its rightful place –vote once, vote often –tell your friends, tell people you don’t know,  -let’s win this thing!


Can’t help myself

I can make a excuse for anything, I know I didn’t really need this or another project but cool is cool -I don’t think I have enough time on this planet for everything I want to do, but If I squint I can see the future of this truck -Cummins, chevy axles, paint and drive -easy right?

Santa Sleigh?

It’s not all cars and work around here -sometime I build some fun stuff for pain -that’s right I said pain, how can a Santa Sleigh bring pain? If you have to pull it around for 12hrs that’s how, this was for GoRuck Class 352 in Philadelphia.

 I was asked by Aron to build a sleigh for the Christmas event –why not –never having built a true “sled” before, I had no idea how this was going to work out, it needed to tough! It was going to be dragged around Philly all night loaded with presents for kids at the Hospital that we were to drop off the next morning –they must remain clean, and unbroken. Aron had built a harness to connect 20 people together to pull the Sleigh, the pulling was hard on the thighs, but the addition of bear crawls, bricks, push ups, flutter kicks, a dip in the “F’ing cold” Schuylkill river, people been killed off and having to be carried either in the sleigh or on our backs started to make it “fun” –“Embrace the suck” was the mantra of the night.

Most of the people had done a Goruck event before and knew what to expect, so the Cadre gave us some extra special beastings to remind us that this isn’t just a charity event –good times! check the links to the photos of the event, these events go on all over North America and 3 are scheduled for Toronto this summer minus the sleigh!


look for me in the Photos!


Bill’s Model A

This A has been in Bill’s family for a looong time, it took them a day to get the car out of the barn, apparently they had to move a few tractors and mountains of parts to get to it. It’s a real nice car and would be an easy restoration –but what fun is that, really –bring a car back to as good as it was in 28, pffft –not at Oddball.
Bill and I had talked a lot about the car, and based on the pics and conversations back and forth from Alberta we came up with the plan –he wanted to use a LS engine which is loads of motor for an A –he has the engine out there so I found a donor. We decided not to channel the car, leave some room for the exhaust to run down the outside of the frame rail, and to maximize head room. 4-link air bagged rear. The 2” chop looks like it should have left the factory that way. Once all the fab was done it was off to sandblasting and paint –the chassis went gloss black, and the body was Epoxy black. Bill will finish this car off at home now, and with all the hard parts are done he gets to build a giant model kit

 –mice love gas tanks, these guys were pro’s –the entire tank was full of nest.

Eugene’s Burgman

So this one will be a challenge -more of a engineering head scratcher. The Burgman is known as the Skywave in Japan and has been customized in thousands of ways –but the engine is a different design here on the 650, the rear suspension travels like a regular swing arm, in Japan the whole engine moves –Eugene wants a full on Japanese style of conversion –we’re going to leave the engine where it is and extend the swing arm –we just haven’t figured out how to do it yet, stay tuned….. the air ride etc will come later