We made it to the big time

1st time for me, I’m pretty stoked to have a vehicle at SEMA, I’ll update the info in the next couple of days, Hopefully Steve will send up some other shots as well, Hint hint….



I can’t help myself

So I have this CMP army truck that was pretty gone, not that I can’t rebuild it or anything, I just like modifying and dreaming of other things that I could do to it. As I look out the shop door and see the rolling CMP chassis waiting patiently for me to get on it, I wonder if it would be easier to draw up a design similar to the Alvis or HEMTT cab and make it a flat deck with attachment options. The CMP has a really short wheel base and has limited engine location options. A cab in front of the axle like the HEMTT would keep it lower and the engine out back with more room for cargo and could look very future militant. The Alvis has a very cold war post apocalyptic look about it and has cool roof entry hatches. Hmmmm