Dave’s 35,36,37,39 Ford

Zipper Head, Frankin Coupe, call it what you will -this car just seems to be building itself, parts have been easy to come across… with Dave looking for them! Lots of Stitching this time around getting all the parts to fit in the right place, Dave’s not worried about period correctness as it’s going to be a custom anyway. Next step is to get the front sheet metal done (34 Grill) then mount the drive line and build the floors.

Travis’s Chevy

This was a last minute rescue I took in (I have a soft spot for rescue dogs -and now vehicles it seems) Long story short nothing had been done and summer was running out, he thought it only needed a floor but turned out needing everything. Once we dug into it we realised it had been hit as well -do it once do it right -I think we ended up getting every patch panel you can get for this cab. It had also been installed on a G20 van chassis -little big, but would work with the right rims. Other than the rust it had been “hacked” together poorly as well, so while we were there we fixed everything… -didn’t even have a rad support, and the fenders were hanging off the rad. Once all the fab was taken car of we could start with the mods Travis wanted, Dropped spindles, rough cut pine bed, spacer to fill the gap between the box and cab, a stainless cover for the box, etc etc. Since this is the first time the truck has been really been driven he wanted to get some miles on it for the rest of the summer and get around to painting it later…