Ugly, don’t know why people do this 

It must have been the 80’s when this thing was made… I picked it up as I still see potential in it -NOT with this bodywork though! Ha. It won’t have much Ford left in it when I’m done 

 I found the first paint job, Disco drum kit bass boat metal flake! -kinda explains everything now -hoping I’ll find some airbrushed Cobras on the hood!


Something a little different

Just some Roman armor, I digitized some online plans then had them cut from 1/8 plate, bent them up, bolted them together for a “different” weight vest that I used during a 24hr Crossfit Event in Philly   


George’s Truck 

Many changes have taken place, he’s a great guy but he knows how to push my buttons with his ideas and changes -all good though, the biggest one was to POLISH the truck, inside as well!  -I will never do this again, it sucks -especially after the box was sandblasted with the anticipation of paint! It will look great though. We then cleared it with Sharkhide, painted everything else in grey and started assembling it before he could change his mind again 🙂 


Dave’s 35

Still finishing off the fabrication on the body, almost finished off grafting the 33 grill to the hood, few thing left before it all comes apart again 

  Many mock ups to get the angle right, didn’t want to make it to Coddington and not to straight up   Then grafting the inner fenders to the grill, still need to make the headlight and turn signal mounts