Shirts…. Finally

I’m probably the biggest procrastinator you’ll ever know. 7+ years later I finally had some shirts and hoodies made. I worked with my friend Joe Giampapa to come up with a fun design. We all have a drawer of black T-shirts, so I mixed it up a bit… I even went with purple -still not sure about it. I never liked those thick Tshirts especially on hot days in the shop, so these are a bit thinner and about 1000% more comfortable. 

Patti’s 54 is back from paint

 And now begins the meticulous process of reassembly. With NO scratching! What can go wrong, all these aftermarket products will fit fine….

As Dave’s car comes to a close

    Lots of build shots coming of this car, I loved this build! It’s been a great car to work on. Although we changed or modified every last thing it came together so easy, almost like it wanted to be built.