Road Test

Just a short video of me dropping off Travis’s truck -or on the way… 😁

Dodge Chargers

This has been the winter of non stop 68, 69, 70, B body Dodge Chargers, one after another. The learning curve has been steep on these cars -a few things we learned about them after cutting them apart and welding them back together -If it had any kind of horsepower, it’s probably bent -it probably left the factory “good enough” even the roof dimensions on either side are different -and no wonder they went through so many of these cars in the movies, there is nothing to them -probably a high impact with a shopping buggy would bend it. 😂 And they are huge cars at 18′ long. But when all back together they look AWESOME even with miss matching panels in a “Joe Dirt” style -looking forward to the new “ratty muscle car” era! Lots of more pictures to come.

Just some cool stuff

A lot of what we do never see the light of day, I spend a lot of time sending customers photos of all aspects of their build, and they end up with a photo documentary of the entire process at the end. These are some shots or Jer’s rusted out front fender lips on his 65 Chevy van, some panels we can buy, sometimes we have to make them -sometime the panels we can buy are crap and need “tweaking” to fit right. These are some photos of the process to make this lip in our Pullmax machine. PS -I LOVE this machine 🙂

Travis’s 1960 Chevy

More mods to Travis’s truck, after a summer of driving it around he wanted to make some changes to it, he wanted better gearing as the RPM was to high at highway speeds, so we changed the transmission from a TH400 to a 700R4 and changed the rear axle -we tossed the old 6 bolt, rebuilt and installed a 86 Chevy 1/2 ton axle. We modified the air system a bit, and tweaked a few other things. On the road again freshened up and ready for some distance cruising this summer. We love the patina and stance this truck has, it looks cool and fast just sitting there.