Mini bomber seat?

Sure why not, I was surfing around one day and came across plans for a bomber style hot rod seat -right click copy and save for later, well the day came to do something with it. I have a bag of super small .060 aluminum aircraft Rivets so I scaled the seat to about 1/3 of the actual size -about the right size for the rivets to seem about 3/16 in full scale. Now back to regular work… like making a mini belly tanker to put it in 🙂

George’s 34

We only helped out on the louvers on this one -it’s great when the customer sends back shots of the finished product 😁 I’ve never seen the original California kid car, and I couldn’t find any exact measurements of the louver pattern, but there are just enough telling photos to determine how they are laid out… now he’ll have to find the opening bridge shot to recreate it