Early Econoline Disc Brakes!

The problem with this style of Blog style website is the cool stuff gets buried, I receive lots of questions about this conversion throughout the year so I’m bring it back up to the top.

Once upon a time I had a fast Econoline -and because of the OG drums I was running I would just plan my stops accordingly, every so often I would coast through or into an intersection while pulling up on the steering wheel, then one day BAM -I hit the backside of a Neon. When I looked around no one was making any disc brake kits -so I made my own. It’s a little cross pollination with some Japanese parts, but they came together amazingly smooth. I like to go fast and I want the option of stopping fast if required.

I’ve added the actual CAD drawing if you want to cut them out yourself -its a 3/8 steel plate. Just make sure all surfaces are clean and burr free. I’m sure if you are attempting this you are confident in your ability. this mod will also require you to adjust your steering stops if you have a front sway bar… I found that one out the hard way as well 🙂