Jeep stuff

Rotten jeeps… it’s Canadian so I don’t expect much, but I would expect dodge to at least paint all the metal surfaces including the insides… anyway, while fixing the rot on my sons first vehicle we got a little carried away -if it’s not custom it’s crap. He’s done most of the work to get it to this point. From the bumper and fender designs, to bending the metal, and of course all the grunt work, rust removal and making all the replacement panels. I think he appreciates all the work that goes into putting a vehicle back on the road now. I can also see the gears turning as he realizes there are so many options now for vehicles. Rust is something we deal with everyday, might as well make it better while you are there. And one more thing, you would think being a jeep they would have put drain holes in the frame so dirt, salt, etc would actually have a chance to drain #plannedobsolecence

We ended up in total making 4 4″ flat top fenders, fixing all the floors(always remove your carpets) and tossing the smitty built tube bumpers and making our own recycling the original signals from the fenders and fog lights, license plate to go right in the middle

Mike’s Cadillac

We talk to people all the time about cars, ideas and dreams. Sometimes the dreams are too big based of the pile of rust they start with, as you may know in Canada we spend a lot of time building the cars back up to where we can actually start customizing them. Mike’s Caddi is different, it may look like a half done project, but everything is square, and it has really good “bones” plus it was started by a really cool shop out in San Jose California called Gambino Kustoms 👍 So is it worthy of finishing? Of course!!! So much of the work has already been done to the car, but it seems it’s been sitting outside for a long time as the rust is deep in places; thus would be a great time to try one of those “laser” rust removal tools 🤔😂 Its also missing so much of the original pieces it leaves Mike options to build it as he wants -like there was any rules in hot rodding anyway… #seriouslycoolcar 😎 looking forward to this one!

Ron’s Oakland

This was kinda of a “survivor” car. It had been modified and the mechanicals had been swapped out, but the body was in amazing all original shape and was complete… although missing it’s roof section (was a sport coupe) but over the years the door tops had been cut off as well. We left all the original wood intact for now, reinforced the frame, and simply put it back together with all the speed parts that came with it. The cars with the cheap paint are the ones we have the most fun with. BTW twin carbed 350’s should be in wooden bodied cars!!! #waytoofast #sleeper 😂