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David B’s Roadster

We don’t normally do traditional customs and without Dave’s guidance I have no idea what this car may have looked like if I had creative freedom on it –it’s nice to pay respects to the roots every so often. This was the most traditional car Oddball has ever built (although I did convince him to let me install some H4’s so he could see at night) I look forward to other projects that make me back up in time.

 I don’t think Dave or I really understood how far we’d get into this car when we started, when it came to the shop, it seemed good and solid –it ran, but had no brakes, once we got into it –it was in need of lots of “love”

We ended up going over the whole car, rad, grill, steering, brakes, e-brake, wiring, cowl, windshield, dash, seat, gas tank, trunk floor, rear frame, bodywork and paint and exhaust –etc. With Dave’s “Magic Fingers” at the ready on EBay, he was all set to find everything cool when the situation arose. Anyone can build a car out of a catalogue of parts, but then it looks like everyone else’s car –lame, I don’t think people know how much time goes into researching cool stuff for cars, in this case having the customer doing the looking was perfect

The car has a 40’s dry lake look about it, and the pipes up the side really set it off, I though it was going to be louder but the flatty just sounds like a tractor; I installed Harley silencers in the ends of the pipes just to take some of the “crack” out of the music.

Now all we need is black and white photography and some salt. Check the pics –they tell a better story that I can type.

A video of the “unveiling” is up on on the Canadian Rodder channel on YouTube   http://www.youtube.com/user/canadianrodder

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