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Back in “shape”

July 25 update: Pics from the GoRuck Toronto 2012  http://www.flickr.com/photos/goruckchallenge/sets/72157630343227824/

Not quite vehicle related but it’s been kicking my ass. I figured I needed a hobby outside of cars and bikes so I decided to get back in some degree of shape So last year a few friends and myself signed up for the Spartan race and the Warrior Dash which gave me the incentive to start running; I haven’t run since the Reserves made me –unless I was being chased and had become really stiff after standing for so long in the shop –after a year of Yoga I figured I was flexible enough to start running again, my hips and knees were screaming at me –took 4 days just to recover from running 1k, but slowly I was able to increase the distance to 5k then I was able to increase the speed. Started going to Crossfit Newmarket –where they kick my ass all the time, I have good endurance and I can handle the workouts, I’m trying to RX more of them; after all the running I’ve been doing I think my body was eating the muscle it had for fuel –still haven’t figured out the nutrition side of things yet and I’m holding at 175lbs@6’ –My fattest was 220

            This year we picked it up a notch! First event out of the gate for my running “group” is the GoRuck Challenge 8-10 hours 15-20 miles with a 50lb pack –first time in Canada, roped as many friends into as possible –fit or not, many of them have had to up their game to try and survive it “if you can’t make it –bring cab money” it say’s on the site. It goes down here in Toronto June 23 at 1am –we don’t even know where we’re meeting yet and it’s under a week out. I’ve got about 6 good months+ training for this event, at least one day a week running 5k with a pack full of bricks, 2 crossfit classes, all the home training I can do –running, rope climbs, pull-ups, pushups, Olympic lifts chopping wood, sanding drywall! loads of lunge squats (thought I killed myself –once I did 200m of lunges with the full 50lb pack –couldn’t move my legs)  I like to challenge myself, After a full day on my feet in the shop –I’ll go for a run, when I’m beat I’ll do 10 ring dips and try some muscle ups, or work on getting to 100 pushups in a row (15) with a full pack. An interesting side note is my son, I drag him to crossfit with me on Mondays for the kids class and then off to soccer practice, I also make him come out with me when I do the 5k brick runs –it’s not like I’m moving fast. Now he wants to try a Triathlon –guess that’s our next adventure!

            Check out the links, maybe you’ll be inspired as well –there is no end to events that will kick your ass –and make you ask for more.

GoRuck  https://www.goruckchallenge.com/

Tough Mudder  16k http://toughmudder.com/events/toronto/

Spartan Race  5k http://www.spartanrace.com/toronto-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2012.html

Seal Fit http://www.sealfit.com/  <– one day! who’s in?

Crossfit Newmarket  http://www.crossfitnewmarketcentral.com/

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