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Bill’s Model A


This A has been in Bill’s family for a looong time, it took them a day to get the car out of the barn, apparently they had to move a few tractors and mountains of parts to get to it. It’s a real nice car and would be an easy restoration –but what fun is that, really –bring a car back to as good as it was in 28, pffft –not at Oddball.
Bill and I had talked a lot about the car, and based on the pics and conversations back and forth from Alberta we came up with the plan –he wanted to use a LS engine which is loads of motor for an A –he has the engine out there so I found a donor. We decided not to channel the car, leave some room for the exhaust to run down the outside of the frame rail, and to maximize head room. 4-link air bagged rear. The 2” chop looks like it should have left the factory that way. Once all the fab was done it was off to sandblasting and paint –the chassis went gloss black, and the body was Epoxy black. Bill will finish this car off at home now, and with all the hard parts are done he gets to build a giant model kit

 –mice love gas tanks, these guys were pro’s –the entire tank was full of nest.

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