Then and Now

Welcome to the new and steamlined Oddball Kustoms

Oddball has changed a lot over the years, Me being the chief Oddball (a name that was used to describe everything I did or wanted to do) I had a long look at what we were trying to do, based on our geographical location and climate. I was able to break it down to it’s components that still allow for maximum fun and the most experience for the customer. We are in Canada, which it may seem to be a weird place to build Hot Rods, but the farther away from the Mecca (CA) the people get fewer –but they become more hard core, it becomes not just a passion, but a life style -a full custom lifestyle. I deal with people that are really into it, they surf the computer looking for ideas and are educated in want to do, but for the most part don’t have the means to do it, I like when they want to learn or be more hands on, I’ll even give them homework. These vehicles you see on the road build by their owners are earned, each one has a story. It’s my Job to make sure you are a happy educated customer with a kick ass car.

I have a fab shop that specializes in metal and Hot Rods, if it’s man made we can fix it, or make it better.

Some of the stuff we always seem to be doing:

-Building frames and modifying existing frames for cars and bikes

-Loads of sheet metal work -chopping, punching louvers , making metal panels for rotten old cars, props, etc

-Retrofitting old cars with new stuff -brakes, engines, axles, power windows, Air conditioning, wiring, etc.

-Custom designing and working with you to pull that dream out of your head so you can start driving it.

-Keeping the past alive -there are so many cool cars out there, sell that hunk of junk you’re driving now and get something with some style.

I have loads of photos, putting up a new site allows me to go through all the years of stuff and turf the old and bring in the new stuff, check the galleries for some shots of stuff you haven’t seen before

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