Reworking the RusT

With all the changes we’ve done to it, we are still using the Original headlight the car had, we just needed to rework the placement of them -so we put a nose on her… 🙂

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Ron’s Oakland

So if you’ve been following along at home -that last time we saw Ron’s can in the shop we were getting it back together so he could bomb around in it during the summer -it was during that time he decided leaving the original wood structure in the car wasn’t something he wanted anymore LOL

On the road again… for the summer anyway

So we removed all the wood bit by bit, replacing the entire car with steel. No more flex, constant door gaps, and a LOT less twisting. This was a Sport coupe once upon a time -then someone cut the door tops and tossed the roof I guess. Ron decided to put a traditional full roof back on it

I’d really like to posts photos right side up so i don’t look so amateurish -my skills are in metal, not posting photos