The SmithStonian institute . . .

. . . of half baked ideas is more like it. In case you haven't gotten the first part SmithStonian - my name is Stony Smith.

I have a very active imagination, and my brain won't let me have a moment to myself - ever, it's always coming up with something interesting, I have nobody around half the time to tell these things to, so I've decided to have a section online that I can through my half baked ideas out to the universe and see what comes back, feel free to send me links if these ideas if they already exist, or if you have and idea to improve them or just shoot-em down(I'll post the responses, if you wish).

I don't watch a lot of TV and I try not to be influenced by magazines, and I have no idea where these ideas come from, probably a practical application that suits my life or a situation that requires some thought. From cars to home, my brain won't stop. And from time to time I'll pass things along that I find cool; I guess this will be my blog.....

Back in “shape”

July 25 update: Pics from the GoRuck Toronto 2012

Not quite vehicle related but it’s been kicking my ass. I figured I needed a hobby outside of cars and bikes so I decided to get back in some degree of shape So last year a few friends and myself signed up for the Spartan race and the Warrior Dash which gave me the incentive to start running; I haven’t run since the Reserves made me –unless I was being chased and had become really stiff after standing for so long in the shop –after a year of Yoga I figured I was flexible enough to start running again, my hips and knees were screaming at me –took 4 days just to recover from running 1k, but slowly I was able to increase the distance to 5k then I was able to increase the speed. Started going to Crossfit Newmarket –where they kick my ass all the time, I have good endurance and I can handle the workouts, I’m trying to RX more of them; after all the running I’ve been doing I think my body was eating the muscle it had for fuel –still haven’t figured out the nutrition side of things yet and I’m holding at 175lbs@6’ –My fattest was 220

            This year we picked it up a notch! First event out of the gate for my running “group” is the GoRuck Challenge 8-10 hours 15-20 miles with a 50lb pack –first time in Canada, roped as many friends into as possible –fit or not, many of them have had to up their game to try and survive it “if you can’t make it –bring cab money” it say’s on the site. It goes down here in Toronto June 23 at 1am –we don’t even know where we’re meeting yet and it’s under a week out. I’ve got about 6 good months+ training for this event, at least one day a week running 5k with a pack full of bricks, 2 crossfit classes, all the home training I can do –running, rope climbs, pull-ups, pushups, Olympic lifts chopping wood, sanding drywall! loads of lunge squats (thought I killed myself –once I did 200m of lunges with the full 50lb pack –couldn’t move my legs)  I like to challenge myself, After a full day on my feet in the shop –I’ll go for a run, when I’m beat I’ll do 10 ring dips and try some muscle ups, or work on getting to 100 pushups in a row (15) with a full pack. An interesting side note is my son, I drag him to crossfit with me on Mondays for the kids class and then off to soccer practice, I also make him come out with me when I do the 5k brick runs –it’s not like I’m moving fast. Now he wants to try a Triathlon –guess that’s our next adventure!

            Check out the links, maybe you’ll be inspired as well –there is no end to events that will kick your ass –and make you ask for more.


Tough Mudder  16k

Spartan Race  5k

Seal Fit  <– one day! who’s in?

Crossfit Newmarket

Cars on the brain

The Cheetah! Awesome -I’m considering putting one of these things together for myself -but I might make mine out of aluminum…

Check this site out

I want to build some of these! We need to see more of these concepts actually on the road!

I wish

Could someone finally make a TV show about racing post apocalyptic cars made from a scrap yard with cars like this –or something, ooh -and guns(paintball at least) where “bumping” is encouraged. Every time I see pics with this style of car, the tasteful ones, with accessories that mean business -function before fashion, it makes me want to build one, but what car??? –so just before the shite hits the fan, and you gotta get somewhere fast, no rules and the only thing in your way is a bunch of hooligans in cars and bikes…… what do you chose to build?

Opportunity for being an idiot has its consequences

So…. I go get the Bootch body from having the bottom done in LineX, on the way home the city is out painting the lines on the road -Finally I thought, I get to leave a trail of yellow paint when I cross the line -and over I went, just enough to see my handy work in the mirror -ha ha ha “I’m such a child” I thought to myself. When I got home I realize what I have done CRAP CRAP CRAP -or other words that mean the same thing. I forgot about the wheel spray and managed to cover the brand new LineX in Yellow paint -Fortunately it seemed to pick off nicely once it dried. The Lesson here is to use the enclosed trailer next time.  

Gotta love Garage sales

So, out driving one day, I noticed some car parts at a garage sale -stopped -it was all crap except for a giant stack of car mags from the late 60’s through the late 70’s, 5 bucks later I had them all!  Loads of reading material. Some very cool mags are the Hot Rod Show World’s, this pic came from the 1975 Annual. I love this car “Suspended Animation”  then at the bottom of the description I noticed my buddy Chuck Miller did the paint!   Now I want a C-cab 70’s show rod, but only if I can get a pair of Mr.Hicks (1970)

New Addition


I’ve been contemplating on the best way to do this for a while, I’ve got the louver machine -but it’s only good up to 5″, the bead roller only has a depth of 18″,  the Pullmax louver tool is the next option -but in the mean time I had this made up for my wheel.  I need to produce louvers of different sizes for the Bootch hood. So far on the practice runs everything went as planned, first I cut the sheet metal by hand to lay the pattern out, then roll back and forth, the profile of the louver causes some distortion at the ends but is easy to hammer out -the car is long and low and I wanted the louvers to reflect that.

I can’t get APC’s out of my head

I’ve been checking thing out forever, I got it for my son, but I’ve been secretly keeping my eye on it so I could nab it one day when he got board of it –that day has come.

I’m a closet Vanner, always have always will, I thought I got vanning out of my system with the General Lee –guess not! This thing fits the Van/ APC vehicle criteria perfectly.

So now I have to come up with the plan, this version seems to be Rear engine –if you’ve driven a small van you know how much room a front engine takes up, and if you driven a VW van you miss being able to load stuff in the back like a full size van, We need to come up with a good floor plan, the size of the interior requirement will determine the size of the vehicle, however I think a good size would be a Scion XB;  a full size would be too big, heck maybe it’s even possible to use the Scion platform –cut it apart and rearrange it to suit the new layout. I still like the idea of a hull design, the metal is thicker, and all the mechanical parts and suspension mount to it.

Wheels –I like the look but they don’t look very practical do they, you want to keep the suspension low for maximum interior space, I wonder if you can get a hub gear reducer and flip it up (all custom mounts of course) an independent front end of some sort should work fine.

Doors, you’ll need something space age for sure, loose the cooler ducts on the side and we’d have all the room we need to get in and out comfortably.


Another thought hit me

While I was working away on the Bucciali-ish like car (we have to come up with another name for it) I needed to raise the windowsills of the doors a couple of inches, but while I had it cut apart I raised it up the full chop height just to see what it would look like. I looked at it for a long time -I like it! not for this car though, I need to build another with this type of treatment, long door panels -early attempt at a higher security, or maybe a VIP tough guy car from back in the day. Don’t chop the roof bring the sills up, hmmmmmm, don’t know what to do about the front windshield though……

New ceiling fan for the shop

Got to thinking about ceiling fan and how I’d like another one in the new area of the shop. I was thinking about how cheap I am and how much I like to work harder than necessary and came up with my free energy ceiling fan -wind blows outside, now wind blows inside. I could make it will make electricity as well, but for now it makes wind. I’ll need to play with various sizes etc to get it right, and come up with some sort of governor for high winds. Or maybe make the windmill like those ones you see out front of shops on  the street spinning, except mine would say “F” you “U” as it spins -Ha ha