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. . . of half baked ideas is more like it. In case you haven't gotten the first part SmithStonian - my name is Stony Smith.

I have a very active imagination, and my brain won't let me have a moment to myself - ever, it's always coming up with something interesting, I have nobody around half the time to tell these things to, so I've decided to have a section online that I can through my half baked ideas out to the universe and see what comes back, feel free to send me links if these ideas if they already exist, or if you have and idea to improve them or just shoot-em down(I'll post the responses, if you wish).

I don't watch a lot of TV and I try not to be influenced by magazines, and I have no idea where these ideas come from, probably a practical application that suits my life or a situation that requires some thought. From cars to home, my brain won't stop. And from time to time I'll pass things along that I find cool; I guess this will be my blog.....

Frickin Laser Beams

So probably most of you have heard about “the closest thing to a light saber” Laser thing right? if not….check it

No regulations controlling the importation and sale of laser pointers have been established in Canada to date, except for the federal regulation that manufacturers comply with the Radiation Emitting Devices Act. As of November 2008 only two people have been charged under the federal Aeronautics Act, which carries a maximum penalty is $100,000 and five years in prison, for attempting to blind a pilot with a laser. Other charges that could be laid include mischief and assault.” Via Wikipedia

So now that I can get one, what to do with it…. not powerful enough to cut metal, Maybe I could make a battery powered lawnmower, but I’d be worried about setting my grass on fire -and does it really have enough power for that? And I just Googled laser lawn mower and some German company already did it. Maybe I can just laser my weeds off my lawn with it. It’s cool, I need it, but what would I do with it?

Heavy Metal Sports Car?

So this was an idea that I had a while ago, and one day I’d love to tool up to do this in house. This idea came to my out of love for armored cars, and then trying to streamline them a little. Why not take some modern sport cars, make flat panel versions on CAD or Solid Works then have it cut out, then weld it up. Using a thicker metal would mean the body could be the chassis as well. 2 wheel drive Diesel -with ramming capabilities!


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