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Opportunity for being an idiot has its consequences

So…. I go get the Bootch body from having the bottom done in LineX, on the way home the city is out painting the lines on the road -Finally I thought, I get to leave a trail of yellow paint when I cross the line -and over I went, just enough to see my handy work in the mirror -ha ha ha “I’m such a child” I thought to myself. When I got home I realize what I have done CRAP CRAP CRAP -or other words that mean the same thing. I forgot about the wheel spray and managed to cover the brand new LineX in Yellow paint -Fortunately it seemed to pick off nicely once it dried. The Lesson here is to use the enclosed trailer next time.  

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One Response to “Opportunity for being an idiot has its consequences”

  1. Brian Says:
    November 24th, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Ha ha

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