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Santa Sleigh?

It’s not all cars and work around here -sometime I build some fun stuff for pain -that’s right I said pain, how can a Santa Sleigh bring pain? If you have to pull it around for 12hrs that’s how, this was for GoRuck Class 352 in Philadelphia.

 I was asked by Aron to build a sleigh for the Christmas event –why not –never having built a true “sled” before, I had no idea how this was going to work out, it needed to tough! It was going to be dragged around Philly all night loaded with presents for kids at the Hospital that we were to drop off the next morning –they must remain clean, and unbroken. Aron had built a harness to connect 20 people together to pull the Sleigh, the pulling was hard on the thighs, but the addition of bear crawls, bricks, push ups, flutter kicks, a dip in the “F’ing cold” Schuylkill river, people been killed off and having to be carried either in the sleigh or on our backs started to make it “fun” –“Embrace the suck” was the mantra of the night.

Most of the people had done a Goruck event before and knew what to expect, so the Cadre gave us some extra special beastings to remind us that this isn’t just a charity event –good times! check the links to the photos of the event, these events go on all over North America and 3 are scheduled for Toronto this summer minus the sleigh!


look for me in the Photos!


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